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Goals Re-considered (X-Post)

Hello Everyone:
Happy Monday!! :) I hate mondays. I really do. And I'm so tired and I feel like crap this morning. But that is not NOT not going to deter me from eating healthy and getting on with my life.

That's a big step, considering any other day I would have used my feeling crappy as an excuse for not eating right, or an excuse to over eat or under eat or just be unhealthy in general. You know?

The weekend went well. Friday night I had a "mess dinner" which is a formal dinner that the military holds for it's members. It was a good time. I had 2 vokda drinks (1 with 7 up and 1 with clamato juice -- a vodka 7, and a ceasar no tabasco.) And I had 2 glasses of White wine, which is debateably a better choice than red wine. And I had a glass of port. (Toasts... they toast with port) Anyway. I also had a great dinner, that was super healthy (actually it surprised me) And noticed portions, and how a smaller plate DOES make it look like more food even though its proper food portion sizes. So I might start using little plates and see how that goes.

Saturday was ok food wise because I didn't over eat. I didn't eat healthy persae but I didn't over eat. And I have some theories on why I didn't over eat that day, but for now I'm keeping them in a friends only/private entry. Not because I want to hide them from you but for my own personal reasosns.

Sunday was another ok food day. Again, my theory comes into play.

I planned out my meals for today last night. I think I'm going to try to take out an hour or 2 every sunday and plan out my "WEEKLY" meals for the following week, so that I have something concrete to stick to. I'm more likely to stay on a meal plan if I have it "planned" ahead of time. I rarely stray when I do that, and if I do stray, I make healthier choices than I would if I didn't have some kind of a plan.

I have re-assessed my mini-goals and I think I put too much on myself all at once. I think one goal at a time would be a better idea than 4. So I'm going to take this one step at a time.

Basically the only mini-goal I achieved was sticking to writing in my lj. I've written every day. I haven't crossposted to any communities, and some of my posts are private or friends only, but I have written. And if I haven't been able to, I've updated on my dialy progress when I could update. Usually weekends are a write-off as far as updating goes. But I still keep things in mind and write them in here when I get the chance.
I think that's a big step. So that goal is kept, and I'll make it a personal effort to try and keep that goal going.

So my goal now is to stick to a WW Schedule. I'll make it a monthly goal. So that's this month's task. Food. I figure if i can get my eating in order, it'll be easier to get everything else in order, because basically my life revolves around food. All you COE people will understand. The rest of you will think I'm a weak-willed nut case. LOL but either way... I need to get the food part under control. I've accepted that I may need to keep myself on a regimented eating plan for the rest of my life, and that my friends, is a scary thing to me. So I'm going to work on it. I will see how things go for the month and then If I'm still struggling I'll see if I can get a referral to a dietician. The problem is I KNOW how to eat healthy, and I KNOW what's good for me. It's just that I don't LIKE to. I don't know. I need to get over that. Seriously.

I will be making a big pot of the WW Zero point Vegetable soup tonight. I think that will help me with my hunger issues between meals, and it's 0 points so I can eat it until I'm sick of it. Which is good. I'm also going to have a flavored water if I'm hungry, first, and see if I'm not just thirsty. I fail to believe I'm thirsty though. I HAVE been keeping up my water drinking.... And I drink a LOT of water. (But not on weekends, I need to work on that, that will be part of the healthy eating. Water, Vitamins, and balanced nutritious meals.)

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