Jessica (jesslite) wrote in cowville,

Diets: Negative Calorie and Cabbage Soup

Hi there,
I've been reading a lot lately about 2 different diets that have been around forever, and are total "quick-fix" diets.
1) The cabbage soup diet - I have seen the plan for this one
2) The negative Calorie diet - I have not seen the plan for this one.

I have put a lot of thought into this, and some research. (I haven't researched it completely yet. but I have awhile to do so...)

I was thinking of doing one of these 2 diets for the 7 days. (it's a 7 day diet) to kick-start my weight loss. Then doing it once every 2 months or so, to continue on the right track. But not doing it continuously or anything like that.

Have any of you had any good experiences with it? Have any of you had any bad experiences with it. (Them.) I'd like to get some feedback.
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