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The land of bovine sisters' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The land of bovine sisters

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Goals Re-considered (X-Post) [26 Jun 2006|08:23am]

Hello Everyone:
Happy Monday!! :) I hate mondays. I really do. And I'm so tired and I feel like crap this morning. But that is not NOT not going to deter me from eating healthy and getting on with my life.

That's a big step, considering any other day I would have used my feeling crappy as an excuse for not eating right, or an excuse to over eat or under eat or just be unhealthy in general. You know?

The weekend went well. Friday night I had a "mess dinner" which is a formal dinner that the military holds for it's members. It was a good time. I had 2 vokda drinks (1 with 7 up and 1 with clamato juice -- a vodka 7, and a ceasar no tabasco.) And I had 2 glasses of White wine, which is debateably a better choice than red wine. And I had a glass of port. (Toasts... they toast with port) Anyway. I also had a great dinner, that was super healthy (actually it surprised me) And noticed portions, and how a smaller plate DOES make it look like more food even though its proper food portion sizes. So I might start using little plates and see how that goes.

Saturday was ok food wise because I didn't over eat. I didn't eat healthy persae but I didn't over eat. And I have some theories on why I didn't over eat that day, but for now I'm keeping them in a friends only/private entry. Not because I want to hide them from you but for my own personal reasosns.

Sunday was another ok food day. Again, my theory comes into play.

I planned out my meals for today last night. I think I'm going to try to take out an hour or 2 every sunday and plan out my "WEEKLY" meals for the following week, so that I have something concrete to stick to. I'm more likely to stay on a meal plan if I have it "planned" ahead of time. I rarely stray when I do that, and if I do stray, I make healthier choices than I would if I didn't have some kind of a plan.

I have re-assessed my mini-goals and I think I put too much on myself all at once. I think one goal at a time would be a better idea than 4. So I'm going to take this one step at a time.

Basically the only mini-goal I achieved was sticking to writing in my lj. I've written every day. I haven't crossposted to any communities, and some of my posts are private or friends only, but I have written. And if I haven't been able to, I've updated on my dialy progress when I could update. Usually weekends are a write-off as far as updating goes. But I still keep things in mind and write them in here when I get the chance.
I think that's a big step. So that goal is kept, and I'll make it a personal effort to try and keep that goal going.

So my goal now is to stick to a WW Schedule. I'll make it a monthly goal. So that's this month's task. Food. I figure if i can get my eating in order, it'll be easier to get everything else in order, because basically my life revolves around food. All you COE people will understand. The rest of you will think I'm a weak-willed nut case. LOL but either way... I need to get the food part under control. I've accepted that I may need to keep myself on a regimented eating plan for the rest of my life, and that my friends, is a scary thing to me. So I'm going to work on it. I will see how things go for the month and then If I'm still struggling I'll see if I can get a referral to a dietician. The problem is I KNOW how to eat healthy, and I KNOW what's good for me. It's just that I don't LIKE to. I don't know. I need to get over that. Seriously.

I will be making a big pot of the WW Zero point Vegetable soup tonight. I think that will help me with my hunger issues between meals, and it's 0 points so I can eat it until I'm sick of it. Which is good. I'm also going to have a flavored water if I'm hungry, first, and see if I'm not just thirsty. I fail to believe I'm thirsty though. I HAVE been keeping up my water drinking.... And I drink a LOT of water. (But not on weekends, I need to work on that, that will be part of the healthy eating. Water, Vitamins, and balanced nutritious meals.)

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Diets: Negative Calorie and Cabbage Soup [19 Jun 2006|01:23pm]

Hi there,
I've been reading a lot lately about 2 different diets that have been around forever, and are total "quick-fix" diets.
1) The cabbage soup diet - I have seen the plan for this one
2) The negative Calorie diet - I have not seen the plan for this one.

I have put a lot of thought into this, and some research. (I haven't researched it completely yet. but I have awhile to do so...)

I was thinking of doing one of these 2 diets for the 7 days. (it's a 7 day diet) to kick-start my weight loss. Then doing it once every 2 months or so, to continue on the right track. But not doing it continuously or anything like that.

Have any of you had any good experiences with it? Have any of you had any bad experiences with it. (Them.) I'd like to get some feedback.
This entry has been crossposted.

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[29 Oct 2003|10:59am]

[ mood | artistic ]

Yesterday, while I was at JC Penny's I was shocked to discover that I do indeed fit into a size 7 jean.
My aim is not to brag, I just want to send a yell of encouragement to everyone who still reads/posts. IT CAN BE DONE!

bubbles of love,
Julia Jacobson

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[24 Oct 2003|12:00pm]

Sorry about the crosspost people. But I'm moving journals.

My new journal username is Mangolite (I'm too lazy to do the tags right now) but you can visit it here.

Anyhow. Its a completely public journal and I'd love for you all to join me over there. I've added everyone from my friends list here to my new one. Hope to see you there. :)
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[15 Aug 2003|11:38pm]

Alright guys and gals.. I need your help! (I'm sure this is the last thing that you wanted to see here but need the help..*giggle*)

I joined crazyasspeople, and have been doing quite well if I do say so my self... but now I need your support! So maybe you will be willing to help me out *smile*

I need you go to and join crazyassviewers and complete 2 tasks that are listed in the Viewers Challenge Linked Here.. You have to mention that you are competing for me when you post your entry's, or else I don't get the credit...
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i saw an ad in YM and thought i'd check it out [12 Jul 2003|05:32pm]

this is what i found...

there's also and article on "diets" that i found interesting.
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Hello fellow dieters... [23 Jun 2003|01:43am]
Well I guess these are the intro messages everyone dreads eh?

Well let my start out by saying that my name is Laura, I'm 15, and I am paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. So losing weight for me is a lot harder than for the average person. I am about 5'6", and about 200 lbs. Atleast I was the last time I was at the doctors. It's hard to get weighed and measured in my position.

I have just recently become vegetarian, which I decided to do in order to help me be a healthier person, which will in turn, help me lose weight. Also, some animal rights horror stories have pushed me along the vegetarian path. (worst case: http://www.kfccruelty.com)

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys can give me some exercise tips I can use to lose weight? I can use all of my arms and chest, and I can bend and twist(not fully) at the waist. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I wish you all good luck in your weight loss journies. :)
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[06 Jun 2003|01:26am]

Hi I'm Sarah.

I just stumbled across the community and decided to give it a shot.

I'm hoping this can help me meet some similar people on LJ.
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[04 Jun 2003|01:14pm]

Hey Guys. I'm going to be cross posting this one. My apologies.
Here's my "Fitness plan"
Jessica's Weightloss Plan

  • My goal is to overall lose 120 pounds. My goal weight is 150 pounds. I currently weight approx. 270 pounds. I am ashamed to admit it, but if I can admit it to other people, it will become easier to admit it to myself.

  • I will start my "plan" on June 9, 2003. My first goal is to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks. This means 5 pounds by June 23. I will be very forgiving with myself.

  • I will not go on the Atkins diet or any other no-carb or extreme low-carb diet as my doctor has told me not to.

  • I will Exercise daily. EVERY DAY. No excuse. This is my plan for exercise:
      For daily exercise I will:
      • -Walk. every day. No matter what.

      For Weekly excercise I will:
      • - Exercise at least 3 times a week. No more than 6 times a week by either doing a home workout tape, or going to the gym.

  • I will make an effort to eat 3 meals a day (especially breakfast), and have 2 or 3 snacks in between.

  • Snacks will consist of only healthy low-fat, low-carb choices. If I want something "junk food" I will have it with my supper meal, as a dessert.

  • For lunch I will try to eat a low-carb high-protein meal.

  • I will make an effort to go to TOPS Meetings. (TOPS is Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, it's a similar group to weight watchers, you weigh-in every week and you have other people supporting you and stuff like that). This does not mean I will always GO to them, this means I will make a concentrated effort to do so.

  • I will keep an HONEST food Journal. If I lie in my food journal I'm only lying to myself, and that does not accomplish anything. In my food journal, I will not only record what I eat, but what I was doing, and how I was feeling while I was eating. I will also record my reasons for eating, as my reasons for eating are not always because it was mealtime or because I was hungry. I will keep this in a paper journal. I will also keep track of everything here online aswell in this journal.

  • When I get the urge to "cheat" on my "diet" I will do something else.

  • When I'm hungry, and I have the urge to eat something, I will wait 10 minutes to see if the urge passes. If my urge does not pass, I will have a glass of water with lemon. If that does not satisfy my hunger, I will allow myself a small snack.

  • I will weight myself once a week. I will set a specific day and time to weight myself, and do that every week.

  • I will set reasonable goals, that I feel I can meet. If I feel the goals I've set for myself are too low, I can always make the goals higher the next week.

  • If I find myself hungry because I'm bored, or for any reason other than me being actually hungry, I will do one of the following activities to keep myself occupied:

    • -Take a walk
      -Take a bath
      -Call a friend
      -Go for a drive
      -Write a letter
      -Read a book
      -Do yard work
      -Brush Teeth
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    Take Me As I Am [03 Jun 2003|01:23pm]

    [ mood | Fat ]

    Hi There Everyone.
    Well... I'll start with the basicis:
    I'm 22.
    I live in Canada, but I work in Bosnia.
    I am a girl.
    I have brown hair, brown eyes.
    A picture of me last year (I weighed 50 pounds less than I do now in that picture)
    I currently weight 270 pounds
    My final goal weight is 150 pounds

    Okay. I did a lot of research this morning. I did a lot of soul-searching over the last 2 years and finally have decided this is not something I just want to do anymore. It's something I need to do. It's important to my mental and physical health.
    I like myself on the inside. I think I'm a kind, caring, loving, understanding, funny person, who is fun to be with and around. However, I hate myself on the outside. when I look in the mirror I see a big, fat, ugly, streched marked, pock-faced, ugly person who nobody should want to be seen with in public.
    It took me 22 years to finally realize that I'm a great person on the inside. I don't care if it takes me 22 more to get rid of the weight and finally like myself on the outside I'm going to do it...

    In order to do this though, I need help. I need friends, I need support, I need people to encourage me. I have friends, however, most of my friends IRL aren't really the type of people I'd go to with my weight issues, I realize that sounds bad, but I have 2 close friends who are also overweight and trying to lose, so they are my main IRL support group. But I need more than that I need constant support, I need a constant 24/hr 7 day a week place where I can go to and have someone respond.... And I figure this will be the place. I've joined several communities. Now I'm looking to make friends to add to my list so that I can begin my journey.
    I would like to also help out other people with support and encouragement too....
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    [27 Apr 2003|12:14am]

    [ mood | awake ]

    for the first time in my life i weigh less than what it says on my driver's license.
    *mini-happy dance*

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    It makes no kind of sense [13 Mar 2003|08:05am]
    On Tuesday or maybe Monday I weighed myself and I was at a whopping loss of only 2 lbs.

    Today I figured I would look again and I supposedly lost 3 lbs since then for a total of 5 lbs lost.

    I don't believe it. I don't feel my clothes getting looser. But I am giving it all one more week before I step things up to another level. Right now I am not eating after 6pm and I do aerobics in the morning and weights in the afternoon/evening.

    I just don't understand what more there is to do. The one thing I haven't done that I know I ought to do is start keeping a food journal. It just seems to boring. But maybe next week I will start that if I still don't feel like I am losing weight.

    The only good news is that my mother's visit has been pushed back to a later date. So I have a little more time to work it all out. Unfortunately, I still have to be fit and trim in time for the wedding at the end of May.
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    What's the use? [05 Mar 2003|01:32pm]
    After one month of eating well (with few cheats along the way) and exercising almost daily until I am dripping sweat and have to change out of my things and wash them I am so drenched . . .

    After one month of aerobics and weight training, increasing my protein and watching my simple carbs, etc. . . .

    Only ONE damn pound lost.

    My clothes are no looser so I can't even say that I am gaining muscle but losing fat.

    I am discouraged beyond words.

    And now I am making more changes:

    1. No eating after 6pm.
    2. I am giving up alcohol for Lent. I only have one glass of wine or a little amaretto or whatever a week--if even that often--so this probably won't make much difference.
    3. This weekend I am going to sit down with my planner and try to schedule in more workouts, increasing my 45 mins five times a week to at least an hour six times a week.

    I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.

    Mostly I hate that I am doing it alone. Nobody to workout with. Nobody to share my misery. Rob is wonderfully supportive and nonjudgmental.

    But that doesn't change the difference that in early February I started this with the NEED to lose 20 lbs by the end of May. Now I am in March and I still have to lose 19 f***ing lbs?

    This is total bullshit!!!
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    Weekly Weigh In [12 Feb 2003|10:01am]
    Looks like I regained whatever I lost. Probably water. Definitely my own fault. I was very lax on the "diet" front this past week. Had my last hurrah. And I know that on Friday or Saturday, whenever I celebrate V-day with my boyfriend, I am bound to indulge a bit again. This sucks. I hate having to work at looking how I want to look. Why can't it just be easy?

    Weight: +37
    Loss: none
    Aerobic: 277 cal/3.9 m/3.0 incline
    Duration: 47 mins
    Weights: none
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    Weekly Weigh In [06 Feb 2003|07:54am]
    I didn't hit the gym yesterday morning as I had intended because I just knew I would get out of work early and . . . I didn't. I worked late. But I was at the gym at 5am this morning and . . . well, the results speak for themselves!!!

    Weight: +34.5
    Loss: 2.5 lbs
    Aerobic: 265 cal/2.7 m
    Duration: 47 mins
    Weights: none
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    Weekly Weigh-In [29 Jan 2003|06:42am]
    [ mood | frustrated ]

    As soon as I had my car accident so many other things in my life fell apart, including going to the gym. No car means no transportation to the gym. So just when I was really beginning to feel and see a difference my life took a nose dive.

    But I have a car in so here goes. I feel like I am starting from scratch. I had lost weight and now I am pretty much back where I started. *sigh*

    Weight: +37
    Loss: none
    Aerobic: 160 cal/1.7 m
    Duration: 32 mins
    Weights: none

    To get myself back into a routine, I am not going to start doing weight training just yet. I could only do around 30 mins on the treadmill. Not that great. I need to build myself up. Therefore, I need to take it slowly, not push myself too hard. But push myself I must. I have four months to drop this weight.

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    [07 Dec 2002|05:30pm]

    [ mood | tired ]

    my room mate and i started a "diet" we called it being "in training". basically what it involved was two meals a day: one being warm and large, two being salad... a lot of salad. training also included walking a lot because she, my room mate hates working out in the gym. *shrug* i'd go by myself maybe once a week, no biggie. it was going really well. i personally lost about two pounds the first week and we were both looking slightly slimmer. previously super tight pants feeling a little looser, and so on. then i don't know what happened. we started going to food court again. popcorn chicken and french fries at 9 o'clock at night are never really a good thing.
    i don't know, i guess we just can't stay motivated. we know what we want to do, we just can't seem to stick to things. does anyone have any ideas

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    [07 Dec 2002|05:30pm]

    [ mood | tired ]

    my room mate and i started a "diet" we called it being "in training". basically what it involved was two meals a day: one being warm and large, two being salad... a lot of salad. training also included walking a lot because she, my room mate hates working out in the gym. *shrug* i'd go by myself maybe once a week, no biggie. it was going really well. i personally lost about two pounds the first week and we were both looking slightly slimmer. previously super tight pants feeling a little looser, and so on. then i don't know what happened. we started going to food court again. popcorn chicken and french fries at 9 o'clock at night are never really a good thing.
    i don't know, i guess we just can't stay motivated. we know what we want to do, we just can't seem to stick to things. does anyone have any ideas

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    [30 Oct 2002|11:35am]

    Butter Pecan PuddingCollapse )
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    [30 Oct 2002|11:32am]

    Low-Carb Creme BruleeCollapse )
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